Hi! We're bruket.

Transforming brands, to help our clients shine with their brilliance.


We partner with bold organisations to deliver products and services that break through the noise.

Bruket is an independent and creative design agency, located in the Nordics. We design magnificent branding, communications and identities together with our clients. Our clients are brilliant at what they do, and we want their brand to show that. Our aim is to help you shine with your brilliance.

Our name, Bruket, comes from the Swedish word ”Bruk” (Swedish pronunciation: [bru:k]) meaning an old industrial mill or factory. It reflects our passion for craftsmanship and hard work.


Our Expertice

Brand Strategy

Keynote talks
Research and pre-study
Brand architecture
Brand platforms
Communication strategy
Content strategy
Design strategy

Brand design

Visual identity
Verbal identity
Sound identity
Image language
Illustration language
UX/UI design
Brand portals/manuals

Brand communication & Experience

Art direction
Brand story
Campaign concepts
Editorial design
Social media
Packaging Design
Service design

Our approach

By joining our clients on a journey from insight to strategy and creation we help them develop brands that make a real impact and ignite emotion.

It’s when both sides of the brain (the strategic left and the creative right) work together that the best results are achieved and magic happens.

Book us to talk at your event or company. We share our thoughts and ideas with great knowledge, passion and humour.